…considerable talent and imagination…the orchestration is rich and imaginative…there is a life-force behind his music which involves the listener and keeps the material fresh…
– Flute World / Music Web

…the music is never monotonous or wearying; the varying moods are sweetly poetical…[he gives] this ensemble of equal instruments [flutes] a veritable orchestral or even choral heft…– classiqueinfo-disque.com

…spinning polyphonic lines...lift the music off into the air…tart and jazzy... expertly scored…[his music] really grows on you...– Allmusic.com

The Return of Odysseus: “The balletic nature of the music is everywhere apparent, sometimes intriguingly so (the shady nature of the “Dance of the suitors,” for example). The music for “The Cyclops” is graphically ominous in its snaking melodic contours and generally low pitch, while the ethereal “Song of the Sirens,” generally high and seductive, acts as good contrast”… Echoes of Sarah: “It is touching in its evident sense of yearning. Solo lines evoke the loneliness of the shakuhachi. The performance is disciplined and strong… – Fanfare Magazine

…[his music has] the power to move the listener emotionally…dramatic and evocative…we will be hearing much from Robert Raines in the future.
– Atlanta Audio Society

» Read complete reviews

» Robert Raines’ critically acclaimed CD, “The Return of Odysseus,” which includes “Echoes of Sarah” for nine flutes; “Menage” for flute, bass clarinet, and piano; and the complete ballet “The Return of Odysseus,” performed by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, released on MSR Classics, is available online.

» Robert's Music for Flute published by Falls House Press: Kokopelli, A Quickening, Ménage, and Echoes of Sarah.
Available online.

» Featured composer on the web podcast "No Extra Notes":
No Extra Notes is a new podcast featuring interviews and music from "up-and-coming" composers. (So why they included me is a mystery - especially since I refused to answer the date of birth question.) Who started all of that anyway? What's the point? Who cares? Listen to my music and judge it - not my age. End of rant!.
The link for the audio file of Robert's interview/podcast:
The link for Robert's post: http://noextranotes.wordpress.com/2009/09/27/robert-raines/

» Robert is currently working on several commissions:
New commissioned works include a piece for electronics and quarter-tone alto flute, and a piece for guitar and alto/bass flute.
» A wind quintet for the theater piece "Queen Lear" is in the planning stages. The theater performance is scheduled to premiere in 2016.

» Robert is now teaching online music lessons:
As a pioneer in online development (Vice President and Creative Director at AOL, and creator of many web sites, including Barnes & Noble, and MSNBC), and extensive teaching experience (including Florida State University, and Dean of the online Music Production degree at Full Sail University), I've been communicating and teaching online for many years. I am now teaching selected students in one-on-one online lessons. See my teaching video demo here: http://youtu.be/Xcm6fiFFzSc

robert in forrest
Book CoverNew Book by Robert Raines released
by Oxford University Press:
"Composition in the Digital Word: Conversations with 21st Century American Composers"

In this series of personal interviews with some of the most prominent composers of art music currently working on the American music scene, composer and educator Robert Raines leads the intimate conversations through subjects ranging from the source of inspiration to work habits, the realities of the business of music, and the impact of technology on music and life in the 21st century.
Available March 2nd, 2015, online
and in bookstores.

(Above) An evening of Robert Raines' music for Dance, Prague: Organized and presented by the Prague Conservatory at the renowned Multi-Media Arts Center, Divadlo Ponec, an entire evening of Robert Raines' music was set to dance by two separate choreographers and dance companies. The house was standing room only, and the music and dance received rave reviews. The evening included the complete ballet "The Return of Odysseus" and the trio "Ménage." The first half of the evening was devoted to the ballet, and the second half featured a mixture of selected pieces including the trio "Ménage."

New Compositions:
» “7 Memories” Scored for 9 Flutes. Premiere scheduled for FSU in April 2015. It is also scheduled for performance at the 2015 National Flute Convention in Washington DC.
» “Kokopelli” (Duration 10:00’) Scored for 8 Flutes, each doubling on percussion. (Duration 10’) Premier performance at the Florida Flute Fair in Orlando, and performed at the National Flute Association convention in New Orleans. Published by Falls House Press.
» “A Quickening” Concerto for Flutes and Percussion. Scored for 11 flutes and 4 percussion, (Duration 10’) Premiered at Florida State University, at performed at the Florida Flute Fair in Orlando, and the National Flute Association convention in New Orleans. Made possible by a grant from the Brannen Fund for New Music. Published by Falls House Press.
» “Music from Black Castle Mountain” This is a large-scale work for full orchestra and is planned for a premiere performance and recording in the fall of 2015. This piece was made possible by the generosity of benefactor Roger Black.
» “Concerto for Flute and Orchestra” In progress with a planned premier and recording later this year. Eva Amsler is the scheduled soloist.

» Listen to Robert’s Music Entire contents of this site © 2015, Robert Raines